As a Child:

1. You’ve been fascinated by the torchlight turning red on your finger .

    2. You’ve built a house of pillows too.

3. You’ve tried to balance the bulb switch between on and off.

4. You’ve  gone up and down the escalator for rides.

5.  You’ve drawn a mustache on your face .

6. You’ve copied someone’s signature.

7. You ran up the slide.

8. You drawn the sun in the corner of the page.

9. You jumped in puddles.

10. You never did anything fake.

~ Saadia

8 thoughts on “Childhood Nostalgia

  1. oh my god!! i have done most of them and i feel so embarrassed but in a good way 😛 this is such an awesome cool looking blog!! Am enjoying reading the other posts now… glad to have stumbled upon your blog!!! Nice to meet u 🙂
    Happy New Years!!

    Liked by 1 person

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