I wanted to do a chill out post today… Lets have a good old chat…Life was never meant to be too serious 😉

Book:  I haven’t read much these days but I’ve been reading ‘Eleanor and Park’. It is good but not ‘Great’ . Hmmm.Then.. I have been loving ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ and ‘Divergent’ of course. Gotta love a legend ❤

Anime: I am not a TV person but I’ve gone back to my childhood by watching ‘ Inazuma 11’ on repeat. I love it so much. It started in 2008 , I watched it in 2010 and here I am again.


Value: BRAVERY . I was enjoying my time with a cup of tea when an idea struck my mind. Isn’t bravery one of the MOST important things to get through life?Bravery will get you through tests in life, through struggle, pain, your fears and your setbacks. If you are brave you can explore the realm of the extraordinary. If you are brave , you’ll  fight till the very end…. Bravery is important. I want to be brave :\

Tea: I am a Huge tea fan. I have got a whole lot of them. But Cardamom tea is  so good . If you’ve never tried it, go give it a try. It is sweet even when you don’t add sugar . It is soothing and cool . Thumbs up to that.

Food: If anyone of you knows me well, then you might be guessing that it is something sweet… Ummm… Well, it is a healthier version of ice cream called ‘nicecream’ You’ll find 1000’s of recipes on the internet and it legit takes 3 minutes to make. YUM!

Hope you are having a great day!



14 thoughts on “Current Favorites

  1. Nicecream is so cool, Lol. Never heard of it before, had to google it to know! 😀
    I liked this light hearted post Saadia, we got to learn a little more about you and sometimes it’s so nice to talk about such random things in our lives. It’s been a while since I read something myself, so busy in studies but majorly it’s my own laziness. 😛

    Have a great day ❤

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  2. I ,like ginger tea more…especially the one we get here at road-side stalls… 🙂 and I have been wanting to read Eleanor and Park since a long time…Is it kinda depressing? I am a little apprehensive about reading sad books right now..just finished All The Bright Places…and it left me disheartened. 😦


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