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Through the looking glass

Sometimes life seems to get out of hand and you seem to have no control over it. The days pass like a dream, without you knowing; you begin to doubt yourself and your motive in life. It is in times like this that motivation is at its least .

This post is all about the books and authors who have kept me motivated in those times.

‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma: This amazing book shows us what matters on the inside that can change your outward reality. It will make you rethink life. It is the story of Robin himself getting out of his sedentary, unfulfilling lifestyle into the realm of mastery.

images.jpg I first read it when my friend lent it to me. When I gave it back to her, I missed the constant motivation and so I bought the E-book and then I wanted…

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enhanced-buzz-wide-24521-1429717045-7.jpgHave you ever noticed the rain drops fall?

the birds giving the morning call,

Have you ever noticed the ripples rain forms?

the sunshine that gets your cheeks to warm,

Have you ever noticed the music of the drizzle?

the heat that makes the late noon sizzle,

Have you ever noticed a plant grow big?

The corn rows wearing a thick brown wig,

Have you ever noticed the sky turn scarlet?

There is immense beauty in nature,

if only that was your eye’s target.




January 28, 2016

If Only

BeFunky Collage.jpg
This is a ballad about the journey of a snowflake which was afraid to lose itself.

 I guess all of it was certainly meant to be, for us

I guess my eyes were already adjusting to see the dust.

What I had to be, was forced on me for the rest of eternity,

As I fell from the sky, I calculated the time left,

If only I had more of it, if only time could be gained by theft.

There were many like me in there,

who had tried to stop what they had to dare.

But they’d eventually helped each other to be,

If they could be individuals, I thought, so could be me.

But I raced towards the ground, to be what I was forced into being.

A part of a million flakes, none of them to be individually seen.

As I saw myself fall, I accepted things their way.

Because we’d finally perish, all on a sunny day.

But I landed softly on a fellow flake,

It felt different than I’d expected to take,

If only I’d been positive, I’d have known why,

I was made to be with my mates, aimlessly in the past I’d cry,

I was ashamed of my thinking, but I recovered,

Because my company gave me care, true love I’d discovered,

If only I’d thought of this, I wouldn’t have felt lonely,

But that would have happened, if only, if only…


Winning Hearts

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Today I’m posting my urdu poetry and alongwith the English translation:

‘ qad ooncha hona zarure nhi,

Khayalaat bhi koi cheez hai,

Asmaan to sab chute hai kabee,

Neeche dekh kar kuch ko hi apne dikhte h,

Badai to hai kehne sunne ki shai

Amal karna bhi koi cheez hai,

Tafseel se bayani ishq karte h sabe

Ikhtisaar se dil jeetna bhi koi cheez h.’


You don’t need to stand tall

Your vision should be so,

Everyone touches the sky sometime

Only few find their loved ones ,

when they look back down,

Greatness is what people talk about,

Application is what matters most,

Everyone explains love a lot in verse,

Only few win hearts by brief words.