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Today I’m posting my urdu poetry and alongwith the English translation:

‘ qad ooncha hona zarure nhi,

Khayalaat bhi koi cheez hai,

Asmaan to sab chute hai kabee,

Neeche dekh kar kuch ko hi apne dikhte h,

Badai to hai kehne sunne ki shai

Amal karna bhi koi cheez hai,

Tafseel se bayani ishq karte h sabe

Ikhtisaar se dil jeetna bhi koi cheez h.’


You don’t need to stand tall

Your vision should be so,

Everyone touches the sky sometime

Only few find their loved ones ,

when they look back down,

Greatness is what people talk about,

Application is what matters most,

Everyone explains love a lot in verse,

Only few win hearts by brief words.




10 thoughts on “Winning Hearts

    1. That is a big compliment, Zee, thanks a lot ♥
      I’ve just started writing in Urdu and I can kind of do it because I have studied it for 12 years in school 😉 I guess all those embarrasing ghazals finally added up to something :p

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I studied it too until college but then somewhere along the way just lost the true essence of it, I do miss Urdu Adab 😦
        Hehe, I’m so happy to see you enjoy writing in Urdu and do it so well, keep it up ❤ 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That is just fine and plus you are a doctor, something i only dream of being 🙂
        Yes, I am enjoying it suddenly and hope to do so in the future. Thanks for your lovely comment ❤


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