Today I am doing a compilation of my thoughts and feelings during exams. This is different than what I usually do but all of us have been through this and I know that each of you will find at least some of these relatable. This post is dedicated to all students especially my friend Zee (www.lifeconfusions.wordpress.com) who is going through this tedious phase right now.So sit back and have a laugh. Cheers!

  1. Beauty gurus: My skin looks uneven today. For Goodness’s sake, how will I combat that!

Student: Oh! My dark circles have grown another centimeter. No big deal, mate!

2. It feels like nothing is left…because the exams are over!

3. Fitness girls: My back was sore from the workout and now the treadmill has made it worse. It feels like my back is broken .

Students: Sat to do my work for 2 hours straight on the desk and now I can’t move a muscle…wait…was that bicepss brachii or what? *calls friend* What was the name of the muscle the professor told us about the other day….Yeah thanks!

4. Achievement on a normal day: Just completed 3 topics from biology. I will do the other 20 some other day.

Achievement on an exam night: Completed 2 chapters and 3 left for tonight, that is the way it is done .

5. After the last paper:

Friend: ‘Woah, you look good today.’

Me: ‘Well, yeah, I brushed my hair.’

9 thoughts on “A Twist from the Usual : Exams

  1. Hahaha, this was spot on Saadia. Each and everything, I was literally considering seeing a doctor since my backache was becoming unbearable ! And pimples popping the size of small solar system planet all over my face!! Gosh I’m a mess during exams :p

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