There are many of us who haven’t yet walked the path we were meant to, some of us still wake up like an accident , like we have nothing to do here, it may seem like you’re out of business in this world, like you ain’t got no aim or part to play. Don’t lose hope. Steve Jobs said that. He said, ‘Sometimes life is going to hit you in the face with a brick but don’t lose hope.’ You were meant to bring something authentic into the world that did not exist before. You’ve got to get up everyday and chase what you’ve always wanted, always dreamt of, the things you saw others having but never had, the things your haters said you’d never even be near. Foolish people praise themselves. People who are worth it are praised my others but the best people in the world are praised by their haters. So catch the risk factor in your life. Everything that matters requires risk. You’ll love working hard, believe me, knowing that it will pay off. Do the things you love, while getting out of the bubble that surrounds you. Stop waking up and wanting to sleep again. And after , you’ll find a fire in your soul which replaces sleep with passion. Do what you were meant to. Stop wasting your life. Dream. Act. Believe. Execute.


6 thoughts on “Find your Passion.

  1. Beautiful, Saadia! I agree, you need to take the step out of the comfort zone in order to reach new shores and expand your life. There is this fire within and when we don’t let it burn we don’t really live.


  2. Ya know, I don’t think people can waste their lives. I think that gives people a negative feeling as if they are never enough. As if they should do more than what they are doing. I think that if people are happy, no matter what they are doing, that’s the best thing of all. Passion is wonderful, but it is defined by each of us, just like all the other words. All the sayings keep telling everyone to do more, be more, fulfill something imaginary out there. I think people need to stop promoting the, “never enough,” sayings. It touches children and adults alike and even touches the elderly who are left thinking they could have, or should have done something fantastic. I don’t know how we got to be those kind of people but I think it’s not encouraging, it’s destructive to some people. I hope people are happy doing whatever they are doing. Whether it’s sitting on the porch, building an empire, or just reading a book. Constant striving often robs people of their lives and happiness. Life is to be enjoyed not exploited, not a race or to BE something, or someone. That’s what I think anyway. Kids are constantly driven by parents to be more, better, whatever. Childhood, adulthood and seniors should relax and enjoy the gifts all around us. That way they can know who they are and find their own true nature naturally. Just my opinion but I’ve seen so many destructive sayings on wall hangings, and cards and pretty much everything. People never used to need reminding on how to live. No one needed to be told to be happy or love their family. It’s so strange, as if we forgot how to live and need to be told by others, what’s important and what to do. So weird.

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