Beat the Blues

Here are a few things you can do to rev up your mood:

  1. Dance to R&B:What was the last time you locked the door shut, danced a tipsy dance to absolutely blasting music? It is one of the major things I do to get my blood and endorphins flowing. I have been listening to Zayn a lot. I’d recommend ‘Rear View’ and ‘Fool for you’.
  2. Take a bath:Many people underestimate the power of warm water. it has a soothing and calming property and makes you feel less stressed or depressed.
  3. Pray: In a place where we are surrounded with utmost distraction, it is so helpful to just take a few minutes and pray- to remember He who created us and to give thanks, to ask for His mercy and strength. This tip will never fail you.
  4. Eat whatever the heck you want: If you are stressed and feel a cloud of hopelessness over you, then go and eat a cupcake, chocolate, pizza ,whatever. The world tells to be in moderation (shuck it) because restricting ourselves will only cause us more stress.
  5. Read or watch comedy :A good laugh is sometimes all we need. I watch ThacherJoe from YouTube whenever I need a bit of lifting up.


Hope this post helps you.

Keep that head up princess/prince or else the crown falls.


Ps Pictures to make you smile 🙂


Facing Fears

BeFunky Collage.jpgToday, I want to promise myself that I’ll do the things that scare me.

I’ll be the fool who risks failure, who runs towards any and every opportunity.

I want to live this life like there is no tomorrow, which actually there isn’t.

I’ll promise myself. You promise yourself.

We’ll work hard and play hard.

Laugh harder, smile more.

Live and that too, live well.

Love others and above all ,finally,  learn to love ourselves.

Pinkie promise . 😉

Lets do it.