Here are a few things you can do to rev up your mood:

  1. Dance to R&B:What was the last time you locked the door shut, danced a tipsy dance to absolutely blasting music? It is one of the major things I do to get my blood and endorphins flowing. I have been listening to Zayn a lot. I’d recommend ‘Rear View’ and ‘Fool for you’.
  2. Take a bath:Many people underestimate the power of warm water. it has a soothing and calming property and makes you feel less stressed or depressed.
  3. Pray: In a place where we are surrounded with utmost distraction, it is so helpful to just take a few minutes and pray- to remember He who created us and to give thanks, to ask for His mercy and strength. This tip will never fail you.
  4. Eat whatever the heck you want: If you are stressed and feel a cloud of hopelessness over you, then go and eat a cupcake, chocolate, pizza ,whatever. The world tells to be in moderation (shuck it) because restricting ourselves will only cause us more stress.
  5. Read or watch comedy :A good laugh is sometimes all we need. I watch ThacherJoe from YouTube whenever I need a bit of lifting up.


Hope this post helps you.

Keep that head up princess/prince or else the crown falls.


Ps Pictures to make you smile πŸ™‚


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