She looks like a ray of light, like the sunset, like the sky after rain, like the sea looks when it kisses the sky at the horizon and she radiates warmth like Christmas lights but like fire, she looks fierce.

She smells of lavender brushed with bonfires, like chestnuts and tall maple, like the violets and lilacs , up in the mountains.

She walks with the stance of a ballerina and she sings throwback songs that remind me of childhood. She plays hard and loves hard. Being with her feels like summer and that says a lot.




This is so true and so funny 😉

Show me a girl

who hasn’t pointed out

her flaws in the looking glass,

show me a girl

who hasn’t loved

humming to the underlying bass,

Show me a girl

who hasn’t fought

against the voices in her head,

Show me a girl

who hasn’t ever

cried herself to bed,

Show me a girl

who hasn’t felt insecure

as an odd one out,

Show me a girl

who hasn’t ever scumbbed

in the face of doubt,

Show me a girl,

who hasn’t dreamt

of things surreal

Show me a girl who

never felt like this,

show me a girl that unreal.

~ Saadia

Ps: I have been gone for a long time now and I am so sorry. I was having a lot of problem with Wi-Fi , life and studies. But I will be coming forth with good stuff for you guys to read 🙂

I loveee this picture