Poetic Lyrics


This ¬†post features my favourite song lyrics which , personally I think are poetically written . Enjoy ūüėČ

1. “People fall in love in mysterious ways

Maybe it’s all part of a plan

But I’ll keep on making the same mistakes,

Hoping that you’ll understand. ”

~ Ed Sheeran, Thinking out loud.


2. ” But a house gets cold when you cut the heating

Without you to hold, I’ll be freezing

Can’t rely on my heart for beating

‘Cause you take part of it every evening. ”

~ Ed Sheeran,  Drunk

3. “What about all the things you’ve done

And all the wars that you’ve been in ?

What about all the love you lost

It was over before it began,

What about all the miles you’ve gone

Just to start again,

What about all that you’ve been through

and it sounds like you need a friend.”

~  Zayn, Rear View


4. ” What if, ¬†what if we run away

What if,  what if we left today,

What if we say goodbye to safe and sound?”

~ Troye Sivan, YOUTH

5. “So open your eyes and see

The way our horizons meet ,

And all of the lights will lead

Into the night with me ,

And I know these scars will bleed

But both of our hearts believe,

And all of the lights will guide us home.”

~ Ed Sheeran, All of the stars


6. “Can you make me leave my demons

And my broken pieces behind ?

‘Cause it’s still too long to the weekend,

Too long till I drown in your hands

Too long since I’ve been a fool.”

~ Troye Sivan feat. Alessia Cara,  WILD


Dusk and Darkness

The raven rose higher and higher, swishing past the fountain and up into the dark sky streaked with an ugly shade of violet. She was coming. Time was short and so was life.

Inside, Jessica and Xavier sat , waiting for Mr. Dursen.  Alfred Dursen was another man from downtown L.A but what separated him from most people was the way he babbled about how he could see goblins, talk to warlocks and spot a transfigured witch among normal cats. That is what made him useful or rather, resourceful for Xavier.

You see, Xavier was an Assassin , that too a subtle one. Once a ¬†kid with a pierced nose and a shaved head asked him if he was magician, Xavier offered to drop him at the doctor’s. He was searching for a clue, just one clue that could lead him to the DuskHeir Queen and Dursen was his last resort.


Suddenly, a sound behind Jessica escalated and she jumped up. The man behind her had a familiar maimed face from a burn which covered his jaw and his neck . It could have been no one else but Digon , Digon the Dusk slave. He slashed out and something glimmered in the dimness of the evening,  a dagger.

Jessica shot back with a fist in his ribs and darted towards the fountain where Xavier stood. As Xavier raised his arrow, Jessica tried to slow her breath, dreading what the DuskHeir queen may have in store. Dursen was a pawn and the darkness was spreading… to be continued

Note: I haven’t been posting much and i am in a weird place at the moment, stuck in a rut. But I will post stuff whenever I can . Much love ‚̧