images-6Run, kid, run till your lungs ache and your shins split open. Run till you leave the dead earth hanging on the shattered horizon. Run, leave the immaculate fields behind, plains where the grass is too green, run and strip the unnecessary. Run, love, run till your eyes have drowned in an ocean of stinging tears, run till the trees drift away into an illusional distance. Run till the rain has drenched your bones and the snow nestles in your hair. Run till you are carved raw, run till you find the abode of your demons and the abbey of your angels, run , for the sake of your damned life, run. Run till colours drink themselves up in the sky and the night folds into herself.

– Saadia

Until The Winter Ends


You let go of so many people and give up on so many you had loved,  you tell yourself that this is an epiphany, you can’t lose anymore people, that you’ll end up alone.

Does it really matter , when their only cup of tea is to bringing you so low to the ground that forget what it was like to love yourself.

Does it make sense to hold on to people who laugh at your dreams and jeer at your ideals , just because they don’t have any of their own.

It is good to let people go until you are left with a select few that love you like you’re the sun, ever-needed.

People shame you because they’re jealous of all that you are and the potential you hold, enough to move mountains.

Hold yourself higher than their mindset and let the world see that a blossom of spring is brighter than all of winter glory.

– Saadia

Charred and Broken

20161231_215042.pngI don’t know what I prefer

The uncertainty of finding love

or the knowledge that love too

is sometimes a victim of loss.


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