Persistent Darkness

2017-02-22-12-45-25-366.jpgI wish I could share your burden
But the sky weighs too much
And it stays on your shoulders;
Tall and grey.
It is impossible to say
What it’d feel like
To live
With the moment
When your child’s eyes
Lost their light
Flashing before you
Every moment
And then the next
And the next
And the next.

– Saadia

To the Lost Children of the Land

CL81uXaUAAAY3_m.jpgI hope you are where daffodil fields are
Where the sky is cerulean
And azure
And the clouds drift with ease
Where rivers flow
Without carrying the blood
Of the children of the land.
I hope you are where
Eternal spring reigns
Where green mountains
Cushion your steps
And hold you lightly.
– Saadia