Being Present.


Just a little reminder to stay here, be in the now, love the present for what it is, you’ll never have it again. Take a minute, be grateful, today is all we have.

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Art by @mind.drawing on Instagram.


– Saadia

Silvers of Memory

There was some companionship in this city even when I didn’t see it.
That day all of us sprawled around Sanskrati’s room, we were singing along to weird songs in our cracking voices, I was painting Srishti’s nails and Sanskrati was painting, something she was really good at.
Another time, we hung up some fairy lights, got a crap ton of junk, (it covered the entire table) and danced to some old songs and some newer and groovier tones. We kept toasting each other with coke, it really was the best of times. That day we wrote about each other on a huugee whiteboard (sappy girls high on sugar and the invincibility of youth).
On some other day, I was alone with Sanskrati, we walked together around the block, talked about the same old stuff while waiting for the red sauce pasta. Yas.

Note: Happy Birthday Sanskrati, may all the joy in the world be yours.

– Saadia

Unsteady // An Archive



This is an old piece that I edited and collabed with an artist on. Saket Bindu kindly lent out this charcoal drawing of a skull.



This one was written back in November last year. My great friend Sanskrati did the painting of a city by the water.


This one was inspired by the idea of how the things we love are never truly lost even we are not here amymore. As Sleeping At last lyrics go ‘ Light carries on endlessly even after death. ‘

Light and love to you.

Thank you for reading.

– Saadia