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Diaspora is a scattered homeland. It’s to live in between the time portals of the past and the future. The present oscillates between memories and dreams.

Diaspora is being hyphenated, divided just like your country. It’s to be in the constant remembrance of your roots.

Diaspora is a constant struggle between nostalgia and trauma. It’s to be uprooted, but always in longing for home. A battle between homesickness and never returning.

Diaspora is comparing everything to home. It’s the tastelessness of the food and endangerment of sophisticated tastebuds. It’s to find love in the resemblance of home.

Diaspora is to never fit in. A foreigner for where you are, and an alien where you belong in. It’s to find relief in alleys, finding comfort in the rabbit hole of YouTube videos.

Diaspora is about fighting. Never giving up, to adding your shouts to the screams of your homeland. Feeling the…

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