Hi everyone. I write to give a vent to what I feel and what I think is right.

I am a girl full of dreams and passion (think I am going to explode) 😉 .

I believe in specific goals , and I live to achieve better habits.

I want to show people around me that no one is perfect, everyone struggles but in the end it’s our attitude towards life that matters. Its about the story and not the end. We all deserve a life don’t we? Remember to LIVE because most of the people just exist.

I love to express myself through poetry and I thought that I could share some of it.

I am just as imperfect as any other fellow human being. I try to eat healthy and workout, just trying 🙂

I am a high school-er , the hero of my own story and kind of a bookworm (people tell me that). High- five if you are too!

I am a bibliophile just as I said . I read everything from fiction to biographies to poetry to sci-fi to sequel series and much more.

I believe in following our dreams because they know the way…. 🙂 …..

Read my blog to know more about me through what I write and leave a suggestion if you want to. 🙂

good day!

~ saadia ♥


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