Poetry : A gallery

This is something so special for me. It took me such a long time to do all of this even-though it may not seem like it. I’d be the most content person if you’d share and spread this piece of art, crafted with love by me. Keep the pieces you like and please keep circulating this post. That would be my wreath. Thanks a lot for everything. 🙂yoman.jpg69e06ff0e9cf13ad15baaho39d8e293ecf.jpg











At Night


Go on and try,

Try to fit me,

into the mould,

Break my bones,

and twist my body-

Shake me up,

and turn me around,

to something else,

I’ll still be me-

dear world,

For my heart was made,

from  the tears-

strength shed,

when it was alone,

at night.


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Thank you :* ❤

Find your Passion.


There are many of us who haven’t yet walked the path we were meant to, some of us still wake up like an accident , like we have nothing to do here, it may seem like you’re out of business in this world, like you ain’t got no aim or part to play. Don’t lose hope. Steve Jobs said that. He said, ‘Sometimes life is going to hit you in the face with a brick but don’t lose hope.’ You were meant to bring something authentic into the world that did not exist before. You’ve got to get up everyday and chase what you’ve always wanted, always dreamt of, the things you saw others having but never had, the things your haters said you’d never even be near. Foolish people praise themselves. People who are worth it are praised my others but the best people in the world are praised by their haters. So catch the risk factor in your life. Everything that matters requires risk. You’ll love working hard, believe me, knowing that it will pay off. Do the things you love, while getting out of the bubble that surrounds you. Stop waking up and wanting to sleep again. And after , you’ll find a fire in your soul which replaces sleep with passion. Do what you were meant to. Stop wasting your life. Dream. Act. Believe. Execute.


If Only

BeFunky Collage.jpg
This is a ballad about the journey of a snowflake which was afraid to lose itself.

 I guess all of it was certainly meant to be, for us

I guess my eyes were already adjusting to see the dust.

What I had to be, was forced on me for the rest of eternity,

As I fell from the sky, I calculated the time left,

If only I had more of it, if only time could be gained by theft.

There were many like me in there,

who had tried to stop what they had to dare.

But they’d eventually helped each other to be,

If they could be individuals, I thought, so could be me.

But I raced towards the ground, to be what I was forced into being.

A part of a million flakes, none of them to be individually seen.

As I saw myself fall, I accepted things their way.

Because we’d finally perish, all on a sunny day.

But I landed softly on a fellow flake,

It felt different than I’d expected to take,

If only I’d been positive, I’d have known why,

I was made to be with my mates, aimlessly in the past I’d cry,

I was ashamed of my thinking, but I recovered,

Because my company gave me care, true love I’d discovered,

If only I’d thought of this, I wouldn’t have felt lonely,

But that would have happened, if only, if only…




Life is full of multitudes,

we cherish laughter,

after we know grief,

we celebrate peace,

after we sail through storm,

we rejoice in friendship,

after we know of solitude.

But the ability to accept,

these multitudes,

helps you survive this,

helps you live through this all,

because strength and wit,

may leave your side,

life asks for the survival,

of the most adaptable.

~ Saadia


Dear Pen


I make you bleed,

the blood stains my hands,

takes away the pain,

that had settled,

right here in my heart,

I love you for that,

for bringing back my sanity,

Picking you up and scribbling,

my thoughts, pouring my heart out,

I love you for that,

for always being there,

ready to lighten the weight,

I carry in my head.

I love you for when,

there is no friend left,

only you, dear pen,

I love you for that.

~ Saadia


A Bit Of Motivation


What people lack nowadays is the zest , the desire to be the best that they can possibly be . You at this moment, right now, have the power to be who you have always wanted to be. Waiting for the perfect day to run, to do yoga, to do anything is hitting a dead end, because there is nothing such as a “Perfect day”: This the only moment you’ve got, this power will never be yours again and after this moment is lost , perhaps you will never find it again. Live for this moment, use the present to carve out your higher self because all you have is now and nothing more.

30 years from now you will regret your complacent attitude and will wish that you’d just seized the opportunities you got. I don’t want that to happen, YOU don’t want that to happen , so take this instance and use it to fulfill your dreams and to reach a step closer to where you want to be.

Also, life is not a checklist of achievements. So, take some time everyday to do things that make you happy, that make you jump out of bed in the morning , the things that define why you exist. Find things you love and get going because all you own and exercise power over is NOW.

Good luck!





We are a part of the universe, this universe, ever expanding ,according to cosmologist, Stephen Hawking.This universe contains one hundred billion galaxies and we belong to the milky way ,a galaxy which , I might as well say, has little significance in the billions which surround it. ( Now stay with me there, I am not teaching you astronomy, stay till the end) As a part of the milky way is our solar system and the Sun is only one of the 100 billion stars in our galaxy. Around it revolve eight planets and 3 dwarf planets and our planet earth is just one of them but its significance is that it is the only planet known to support life. On this earth , we have seven continents and I live in Asia , which has 48 countries, I just live in one of them, which is India . India has 25 states and I belong to its northernmost state Kashmir which has 22 districts. I live in the summer capital, Srinagar. I am another of the 898,440 people living in Srinagar.

So, I have problems, you have problems and each problem appears as the end of the world ( I don’t complain, It is human nature). But as we use some perspective to look at things, we realize that a star in Andromeda might have a bigger problem of  being about to collapse. We are significant but yet very insignificant at the same time.

Every problem has a solution  and if the solution does not seem so obvious, then a little perspective can always help.

~ Saadia