This Place


Every place I’ve stayed in or been to gives rise to certain feelings. Often, I subconsiously relate places to objects, colours and certain words. (Is that some sort of synesthesia?)

This is one of those poems, about one particular place.


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  1. 2017-02-08-18-23-57-842.jpgYou may have a dark sky

Fractured by city lights

But I have an orange veil

That reminds me of summer nights.

And a promise that the sky holds

Our dreams and our ambition

Trying to make a sense

Out of one broken world.

So today, I pick up the pieces

And arrange them skyward

And I know that these colors

Will be enough

To form another sunset

Tinged with the warmth

Of a last hug.

– Saadia

Rendezvous with the past || A Gallery

Here I am after 3 months, annual exams, an internet ban and nights full of nightmares.

Mesmerizing, aren’t I?

All sarcasm aside, I have no excuses to fall back upon, just a whole lot of after-tornado like mayhem.

The Annual exams have reduced me to a state where i no longer recognize myself. A whole relaxation preparation went to waste as more things came up.

In the midst of everything else, my blog suffered the most and I am so mad at at myself when most of the damage was caused by non-availability of the internet and exams.(For those of you wondering, they go on for a month)

Now, I ain’t got much but an apology and some pictures from when we used to go on a bunch of road trips and I was 10 or something. DSC01193DSC01342



Poetry : A gallery

This is something so special for me. It took me such a long time to do all of this even-though it may not seem like it. I’d be the most content person if you’d share and spread this piece of art, crafted with love by me. Keep the pieces you like and please keep circulating this post. That would be my wreath. Thanks a lot for everything. 🙂yoman.jpg69e06ff0e9cf13ad15baaho39d8e293ecf.jpg












Beautiful things don’t ask for attention


The world is full of magical things, waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

DSC01686 DSC01338

If you listen, you can feel earth’s heart beating.

DSC03041 DSC02795

We need the tonic of wilderness.



P.s. All photos are captured by me and all of these are original.

Some Day


” She falls as she gives away,

everything she’d ever preserved,

She crashes upon the rocks,

falls deeper every second,

She knows the direction ,

And she knows the way,

She will fall, she will get away.

You can never convince someone,

Who is sure that they would

never listen to what others say,

But just be a part of oblivion,

some time, some day.”

~ Saadia