Power to Change Lives


That moment was so brief….., it seemed to be, but a dream……. I came to know the power……..that each word and gesture possessed…………the power to change lives…….which maybe, just maybe ……………makes our life worth living.

Life is hard and beyond anyone’s control……….but that is what The Almighty made us for………….to touch each others lives……………with the compassion we have inside us………………by forgiving and forgetting………………even when it is hard………..because maybe someone, somewhere……….is happy…………..just because you exist.


You, yes you………….have the immense power…………the empathy to make a change……………to lift a life……..YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE LIVES………..Many may choose to ignore it,……………..but remember , no happiness is greater,………….than the happiness of making others happy 🙂


Maybe this will make you smile :)
  Maybe this will make you smile 🙂

Choose Wisely


This life is your journey,

leave your mark,

As you choose for it to be,

either uphill or downhill,

choose wisely,

be careful what you wish for,

as it has setbacks,

boulders raining down,

in the path uphill,

be careful throughout ,

your decision making,

the journey is hard,

the view is breathtaking.

~ Saadia



We are a part of the universe, this universe, ever expanding ,according to cosmologist, Stephen Hawking.This universe contains one hundred billion galaxies and we belong to the milky way ,a galaxy which , I might as well say, has little significance in the billions which surround it. ( Now stay with me there, I am not teaching you astronomy, stay till the end) As a part of the milky way is our solar system and the Sun is only one of the 100 billion stars in our galaxy. Around it revolve eight planets and 3 dwarf planets and our planet earth is just one of them but its significance is that it is the only planet known to support life. On this earth , we have seven continents and I live in Asia , which has 48 countries, I just live in one of them, which is India . India has 25 states and I belong to its northernmost state Kashmir which has 22 districts. I live in the summer capital, Srinagar. I am another of the 898,440 people living in Srinagar.

So, I have problems, you have problems and each problem appears as the end of the world ( I don’t complain, It is human nature). But as we use some perspective to look at things, we realize that a star in Andromeda might have a bigger problem of  being about to collapse. We are significant but yet very insignificant at the same time.

Every problem has a solution  and if the solution does not seem so obvious, then a little perspective can always help.

~ Saadia

Grant Her that Garden


She was alone, sitting under the tree, petting her dog who wanted to run boundless and accelerated but the girl held him close. Why? Simply because he was her sole companion. She was tired of listening to the names the other children called her, she was tired of fighting back, she was tired of trying to fit in. The other kids played hopscotch but she was left alone and deserted, like always. As it turned dark, she walked back home, another walk down street without any friend. 

At home, she read till late at night and then cried herself to sleep like she did every night. The angels above were troubled, they realized that life was harder for her than death. So, the angels at dawn took the girl to heaven with them, they broke her from every bit of pain inflicted by her fellow humans…………….She was set free…………

When her dog saw her in the morning, motionless and finally relaxed, he whined once and lay dead on her feet. And from then on, the girl and her dog played in the garden of bliss for ever more. The people who had given her an unmatched amount of pain, were now, themselves in agony but Alas! there is no coming back from the destination we all share.





That girl is in every one’s life , open your heart to her, to another troubled soul, maybe you can be the angel who’ll grant her that garden of bliss in this world, just by extending your hand. 


~ Saadia

A Lasting Way to Happiness


Before I even start, there will be many of you voting against the title, that there can be no lasting way to happiness as life is ironic, beyond anyone’s full control or planning. Agreed. But don’t you think that there are many, many long-term ways to a life of bliss and contentment, even though life pops in hardships here and there in every day of our lives? *Nods head in agreement*

So today, here I am , not with a poem in store, but with a message to you people about a way of life that promises contentment, fulfillment, happiness, accomplishments and above all self-satisfaction because you can fool people but if you fool yourself, you are bound to hit a dead end. So what has brought me to talk about all this today? It is simply the fact that this post might be about something you all have heard multiple times but it has been proved thousands of times by your fellow human beings. So let’s steer ahead:

  1. Living a life of purpose: How many of us wake up every day and do the same things we have been doing for the last couple of months or perhaps even years? If your answer on your part is yes, then you are doing something wrong.  If we become people of habit, life will lose its enchantment, not that I am saying that keeping good habits is wrong, but that do something every day that brings you closer to your purpose in life , be it becoming an author, completing college, painting a masterpiece, travelling around the world or whatever pulls at the strings of your heart. Life without a purpose is a one way ticket to oblivion. So look for a purpose, it is lying out there, go out and find it, live for it and make your life meaningful.
  2. Developing a healthy mindset: You might think that this is more of the long-winded stuff about being positive, but it has survived till now just because it works. If you tell yourself that you are worthless, just another human being on this already overflowing earth, then you are planning for failure . Your mind believes what you force it to believe, fill it with positive thoughts and it is a great servant, if not then it will be a terrible master. Take hold of your thoughts, be positive, because the only person who can bring you down is YOU and I believe that you wouldn’t want to do that.
  1. A Healthy Body: What can a healthy mind do without a healthy body? I might sound ancient but this is the only body you will ever have, carve it into something agile and able. Nourish yourself with healthy and natural food, move away from processed food, hydrate (water is your best friend) and exercise, not that you need to go to the gym. Walk around every day, try simple but effective things like yoga, dance, cycling or if you feel inclined then hiking. Just move your body, don’t be a couch potato, your body will thank you in the end. Having a healthy body automatically improves your confidence and self-belief. ( I give you my guarantee)
  2. Doing what you love : You will never succeed at something you don’t even want to do and by finding something that you feel makes you happy, you will find your higher self. What is the point of living, if you only listen to the opinions of others and drown the voice of your heart? What is the point of life if you don’t enjoy anything that you are doing? Everyone is talented , you just have to find that arena in which you truly belong.
  3. Losing yourself: Lose yourself in the service of others, love everyone ( it is hard, not impossible) , devote 30 minutes every day to talk to an aged person , get to know the people around you and try to forgive and forget , I know you have that power. And as Dr. Sir Mohammad Iqbal has said:

‘ Darde dil ke wastee peda kiya insaan ko, warna itaat keliye kuch kam na they karobean’

Meaning: The Almighty created humans to help each other, to assist and aid one another, he didn’t need your worship , the heavenly creation was always enough.

I hope that this post was of some help to you. Good luck and happy living!  🙂

~ Saadia


Open Your Eyes


Open your eyes and gaze,

into the beauty that the world offers,

Open your windows and allow,

the light to enter, that the sun bestows,

for we haven’t been buried,

we have been planted,

don’t make the life out there wait,

Open your mind to the energy,

that every atom in the universe produces,

open your heart to the love,

that is still left in the world,

for the world is not outside,

it lies deep within you.

~ Saadia



As I stand on the threshold of realizations, I come to know that every single one of us makes innumerable mistakes, we fall we get up and then fall down again , we are imperfect, with subtle designs , gifted minds and a pure conscience. Looking back on the mistakes that we make can be harsh and painful but at the end of the day , we always try to redeem ourselves and no matter who we are, where we come from or how we act , we try to repent. I believe that , this is what is important, to have a bit of your soul still left after making mistakes which pushes you to ask for forgiveness, which compels you to fall and rise up again. Our imperfections are many but each of us has a potential to be perfect in our own imperfections, to be calm in storms , to accept each thing as it comes, rather than wishing for something better. Accepting yourself, your qualities and dark areas is what makes you happy as happiness is a journey with pitfalls, not a certain destination . I might sound cliche but these realizations have been made by everyone at some point of life and that is what makes us accept the beautifully flawed creatures, we are.

~ Saadia


Somewhere Between the Pages


Life is just like a good but scary book, you live your story and re-live the special moments, there is bliss, there is happiness but in the end all of your favorite characters die, the ones you wanted to see living till the very end, get lost somewhere between the pages… but after all, oblivion is inevitable and all we are and all we will ever be will be forgotten some day. All that can be done is to live life with passion and enthusiasm. Loss cannot be redone or loved ones cannot return after making the final journey. Your life is your gift and your burden. Live it well, leave a mark.

~ Saadia

You are Worth More.

BeFunky Collage

You are more beautiful than you’ll ever know or appreciate,

You are more worthy of than what you give yourself credit for.

You are capable of more than you think you are,

You are unique, you are vivid.

You are a bright star in someone’s dark sky,

You are the sunshine that lights up someone’s days,

You are the breeze that blows away someone’s sorrow,

You are the flower that makes someone’s life fragrant,

You are worth more, you are precious,

Don’t let that ‘someone’ down.

~ Saadia