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This is an old piece that I edited and collabed with an artist on. Saket Bindu kindly lent out this charcoal drawing of a skull.



This one was written back in November last year. My great friend Sanskrati did the painting of a city by the water.


This one was inspired by the idea of how the things we love are never truly lost even we are not here amymore. As Sleeping At last lyrics go ‘ Light carries on endlessly even after death. ‘

Light and love to you.

Thank you for reading.

– Saadia


Recent muses


These poems significantly show my high attachment to how things were in the past. Nostalgia tricks me a lot and being a HSP is never helpful. Hopefully things make sense in the future and I understand this want of living in the past that i struggled with last year when I look back on these little reminders.


– Saadia




Its beautiful.

The tiny velvet blue petals and white dandelions, the sparrow and its hearth, the pine. The budding grass, lush and young, the marbled columns, long roads and the singing of the rare scarlet bird. Its magic and I have fallen for it many times but there is this dark place inside, where the night reigns and stars peek through sometimes, smoke and carnage, broken bones and tired limbs, grey and raven, overlapping and drowning, spring has not found a home yet. Not yet.

– Saadia


  1. 2017-02-08-18-23-57-842.jpgYou may have a dark sky

Fractured by city lights

But I have an orange veil

That reminds me of summer nights.

And a promise that the sky holds

Our dreams and our ambition

Trying to make a sense

Out of one broken world.

So today, I pick up the pieces

And arrange them skyward

And I know that these colors

Will be enough

To form another sunset

Tinged with the warmth

Of a last hug.

– Saadia


images-6Run, kid, run till your lungs ache and your shins split open. Run till you leave the dead earth hanging on the shattered horizon. Run, leave the immaculate fields behind, plains where the grass is too green, run and strip the unnecessary. Run, love, run till your eyes have drowned in an ocean of stinging tears, run till the trees drift away into an illusional distance. Run till the rain has drenched your bones and the snow nestles in your hair. Run till you are carved raw, run till you find the abode of your demons and the abbey of your angels, run , for the sake of your damned life, run. Run till colours drink themselves up in the sky and the night folds into herself.

– Saadia

Until The Winter Ends


You let go of so many people and give up on so many you had loved,  you tell yourself that this is an epiphany, you can’t lose anymore people, that you’ll end up alone.

Does it really matter , when their only cup of tea is to bringing you so low to the ground that forget what it was like to love yourself.

Does it make sense to hold on to people who laugh at your dreams and jeer at your ideals , just because they don’t have any of their own.

It is good to let people go until you are left with a select few that love you like you’re the sun, ever-needed.

People shame you because they’re jealous of all that you are and the potential you hold, enough to move mountains.

Hold yourself higher than their mindset and let the world see that a blossom of spring is brighter than all of winter glory.

– Saadia

Charred and Broken

20161231_215042.pngI don’t know what I prefer

The uncertainty of finding love

or the knowledge that love too

is sometimes a victim of loss.


To everyone who has liked, read or commented on my posts, everyone who has clicked on the little follow button (there are 280 of us now) and everyone who has cared to read through my work,  thank you so much. You make my dreams come to life. Love you all. 💝


Falling for Darkness


I folded your darkness
In my arms
And named my
Blazing star yours.
How many times
Did i watch
My mornings sneak
Into your garden
But I can’t stay
And it feels alright
The stories of our love
And not too little
They’ll hold your back
For tonight.


This is a translation of a song called Channa Mereya by Arijit Singh. I thought that it would be beautiful in this language and here is the outcome. Enjoy!

Happy new year, everyone. I hope this new year of possibilities brings you happiness ❤

A Sense of wrong

images-2“Tell me which piece of you
You love the most?” He asked
And A sound escaped her lips
The shadow of words
Which never were there
She knew it was wrong
She should have had an answer
But her lips quivered
And no words came
And a sense of wrong
Started to take a toll,
It was sad
That a girl  had grown up
Without seeing
the many facets of her own grace.

~ Saadia

Merry Christmas everyone. 😊 Joy to all.