Gold but not quite


Happiness looks different on different people, so does sadness.

There is always a lifetime behind every decision, so it isn’t fair to judge people on the basis of 1st appearances.

On seeing the most extroverted, outgoing people battle crippling mental health issues, I’ve learnt that it isn’t enough to know better, we must do better.

Mental health illnesses, particularly depression and anxiety are the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. The best people do is add more stigma to it, spread false conceptions and isolate unwell people.

Most people wish they had a visible illness like a broken leg or stomach flu because that gets immediate medical attention and family support.

1 in 4 people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives.

Around 450 million people suffer from such conditions currently. Choose kindness, help people reach out for support, you might be saving a life.

Depression Helpline (India)

Depression Helpline (US)

Suicide Prevention Helpline (India)

Suicide Prevention Helpline (US)


See where you stand

I feel that the people who are prosperous or from affluent backgrounds overlook others’ conditions. They forget that not every country is developed , not everyone can afford the lavish lifestyles they enjoy, not everyone is a millionaire, not everyone has money to spend on the things they’d like to have , not everyone has basic necessities , not everyone lives in mansions and not everyone drives a Mercedes


People who live in the socially and economically developed areas of the world do not know or understand that there are people who live in disputed regions , war torn areas, who are victims of the lust for power of their rulers, who see murders and assaults in front of their eyes, who don’t live the life they do. Not everyone belongs to the unprivileged class and not everyone is an untouched spectator but most of the people are. People complaining about not having the perfect fall candle don’t know that there are people who live 24/7 without electricity, people complaining about not having the right to property don’t know that there are people with no right to liberty or democracy, people complaining about not having the perfect house decor don’t realize that there are people who sleep under the stars, people who complain about not having an ideal lipstick don’t know that there are acid victims somewhere else.

Open your eyes and see where you stand and be thankful because 775 million people can’t even read this.

~ Saadia