Color me Grey



The grey had found a home in the white, it consumed ruthlessly until it was dark and dull, like the sky had turned ashy. But it was beautiful, it was the color of death yet it felt like the beginning of all we never had, it was grey fog on our work of art but it was breathtaking.

Bronze, auburn and heather have their share of beauty but mauve is a breath of fresh air. The air tasted sharp the day grey took over, like droplets of water, the color of sea foam were dispensed somewhere inside. The air looked like the color of broken bones but it was stunning, like ivory had met stone.

Raven and ink have their share of hiding our scars but slate is the color of invincibility. The ground was soft the day grey took over, like its burden was already gone, like broken promises and unmet dreams had sailed away like dandelion seeds. The ground still looked shaken but it was bracing, like obsidian had met tangerine.

~ Saadia


  1. 2017-02-08-18-23-57-842.jpgYou may have a dark sky

Fractured by city lights

But I have an orange veil

That reminds me of summer nights.

And a promise that the sky holds

Our dreams and our ambition

Trying to make a sense

Out of one broken world.

So today, I pick up the pieces

And arrange them skyward

And I know that these colors

Will be enough

To form another sunset

Tinged with the warmth

Of a last hug.

– Saadia

You are like Art


If everyone could fit inside a mould,

we’d have been monochromatic,

the color of diversity would’ve faded,

-the definition of what we call tragic.

Look at all the books you’ve read,

all the poems you’ve admired,

all the quotes pinned to your wall,

that defines beauty,

if anything does at all.

Beauty is in your warm soups,

the pens you think are pretty,

in the jeans you always wear,

the books you’ve cried upon.

Beauty is in falling off a swing,

and laughing till it hurts your sides,

You are beautiful, believe me

You are like art,

Never meant to strike the eyes,

You’re there to make them feel.

For art never begs for attention,

you’re there to capture,

everything a human heart feels.


A lil picturesque reminder, for all the beautiful people out there. 🙂






She looks like a ray of light, like the sunset, like the sky after rain, like the sea looks when it kisses the sky at the horizon and she radiates warmth like Christmas lights but like fire, she looks fierce.

She smells of lavender brushed with bonfires, like chestnuts and tall maple, like the violets and lilacs , up in the mountains.

She walks with the stance of a ballerina and she sings throwback songs that remind me of childhood. She plays hard and loves hard. Being with her feels like summer and that says a lot.