Token to the bullys


A taunt here a push there,

I think that’s all you dare.

Gentleness never comes your path,

I define you as a sociopath.

Bullying is an act of cowardice,

but you won’t understand that it’s a vice.

Your followers think you are too wise,

they don’t know that you can be pulled to the ground in a trice.

Poking those who you think are the best.

You are jealous, so you are putting them to test.

But god is there watching us,

someday he will turn the bullys to dust.

~ Saadia

p.s. Dedicated to all those who have a tough time at middle school or high school due to interference of brainless bullys and those who don’t tend to their own fire and spend time by irritating others.

I do it anyway

They say I can’t do it

and then they watch me do it

they say I can’t run a race

and then they watch me win it

they say I don’t have a life

and then they watch me live it

they say I don’t care about a soul

and then they watch me give it away.

They say I can’t survive a blow

and then they watch me survive a gale

whatever they say hurts everyday

but I do it anyway.