Happy children’s day.

Today on 14th of November, we Indians celebrate Children’s day to mark the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who loved children. This day reminds every parent to teach their children to live instead of teaching them how to make a living, to teach them the value of things , not the price, to teach them the meaning of love not the formality and to teach them the value of every day on earth we’ve got. Not much to say, just happy children’s day!




Your eyes so bright, they gleam like gems,

The curve of your face so sleek.

Your hair as it lightly falls on your shoulders,

You look like a fairy so meek.

Your light walk on the beautiful earth,

Your smile as it spreads across,

The way you fiddle when you’re nervous,

Your goals like ship on the docks.

Your laugh a sound of ringing bells,

The one who sees you drops his jaw,

The flutter of your eyes as you pretend to be shy.

you’re just perfect, i cannot find a flaw.

~ Saadia

P.S.-  This poem is dedicated to my friend , Aisha sajad, who asked me to write one for her in class. i just jotted it down there and i thought it would be considerate to share it…. 😉 … 🙂


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Everytime you passed a smile,

You became a good person to me.

Everytime you shared your possessions,

You became a good mate to me.

Everytime you appreciated my work,

You became a wonderful companion to me.

Everytime you scrunched up your nose,

You became an angry bird to me.

Everytime you said things sincerely,

You became an idol to me.

And Everytime you helped me overcome my problems,

You became the greatest friend to me.

~ saadia ♥

A True Friend

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You give me the courage to do things

When I think I can’t.

You give me the hope to try again

When I think it’s all over.

You give me the confidence to speak again,

When words fail me.

You give me the shoulder to cry upon,

When I think I’m broken.

You give me a joke to laugh upon,

When I cease to smile.

You give me the patience to endure ,

When I think I can’t hold on.

You give me the reason to live,

when I think it’s all in vain.

You keep me tied to your heart,

When I think I’ll let go.

Thank you friend for being there,

Whenever the heart gets sore.

~ Saadia ♡

I tried to become a kid

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Petals are shaking with the wind

In the middle of the garden , I again feel like a kid

Collecting flowers and enjoying the breeze

Jumping in puddles, legs soaked till the knees

I danced under the sun

The rays touching my cheeks

The glow on my face, eyeing all the treats.

I dreamed, I smiled, I played, I cared

I tried to become a kid once again

To forget the fact that caused me pain

I couldn’t run into my mother’s lap

And again live that carefree life

~ saadia ♡