How can I?


How can I create ,

my own sunshine,

while the storm

rages on……

How can I recreate,

my life,

while the guilt,

tries to push me down,

How can I know ,

where to begin afresh,

while the tears,

build up and make me drown,

How can I start,

turn over a new leaf,

while every leaf,

turns brown.

~ Saadia

Somewhere Between the Pages


Life is just like a good but scary book, you live your story and re-live the special moments, there is bliss, there is happiness but in the end all of your favorite characters die, the ones you wanted to see living till the very end, get lost somewhere between the pages… but after all, oblivion is inevitable and all we are and all we will ever be will be forgotten some day. All that can be done is to live life with passion and enthusiasm. Loss cannot be redone or loved ones cannot return after making the final journey. Your life is your gift and your burden. Live it well, leave a mark.

~ Saadia

You are Worth More.

BeFunky Collage

You are more beautiful than you’ll ever know or appreciate,

You are more worthy of than what you give yourself credit for.

You are capable of more than you think you are,

You are unique, you are vivid.

You are a bright star in someone’s dark sky,

You are the sunshine that lights up someone’s days,

You are the breeze that blows away someone’s sorrow,

You are the flower that makes someone’s life fragrant,

You are worth more, you are precious,

Don’t let that ‘someone’ down.

~ Saadia



Determination is the DNA of talent. I personally want to spend every single speck of talent in me by working on it with determination and dedication.  It is said that if you want to live a productive life, tie it to a goal and in the way of doing that , one needs to have perseverance and determination,  one that can climb the highest mountain , that can push you till you reach what your heart has desired. Life is surely not a checklist of achievements but when talent is harnessed with determination and hard work , it can make possible what no eye has seen and what no one has heard of. You have to remember that no one will make your dreams come true for you, it will take your sweat, blood and tears. Talent is raw material , it won’t support you for far enough , it takes patience , living in the moment,  seizing opportunities and the burn of your passion that is , at the end of the day, you should be tired and everything should be messy but your eyes should have the brightness,  that a day of hard work and dedication brings . 🙂

~ Saadia


Live For Today


I don’t know where I want to go, what I want to be or for how long do I want to do what I am doing. I don’t know where I am headed or which direction to take , I am just as confused as any of us humans. But I have learnt and still am learning that life is like Lego, all it takes is building; yourself, your dreams and your talents. I haven’t figured out anything just yet but I have to take each day as it comes. I don’t know where, when or how will I find my destiny but in the end life never came with an instruction manual. Don’t tell me that I need to stop being confused because most people don’t have the slightest idea 😉 ~ Saadia



A Bit of Motivation 🙂



Success isn’t always what we see.

Success isn’t always meant to be.

Failure always crosses our way,

Failure is diversity to a day.

Even if someday, hard work doesn’t pay,

Failure is the river to the bay.

Work you do never goes in vain,

But it comprises sweat and pain,

Success doesn’t come on it’s own,

For it we’ve to go through each suffering and moan,

Failure is success if we learn from it,

Failure is the energy to the wit,

Fall seven times and rise again,

Succeed as you work from wax till the wane.

Only if you put your soul in there,

Success will come fair and square,

The early bird gets the grain,

Success stays until failure comes again,

Failure is a kind of light to those in dark,

Failure accompanies success like a song accompanies a lark.


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I do it anyway

It is never between you and them anyway, it is between you and the Almighty 🙂


They say I can’t do it

and then they watch me do it

they say I can’t run a race

and then they watch me win it

they say I don’t have a life

and then they watch me live it

they say I don’t care about a soul

and then they watch me give it away.

They say I can’t survive a blow

and then they watch me survive a gale

whatever they say hurts everyday

but I do it anyway.

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Don’t Give Up On Yourself.

People will try to bring you down, to rise above you, to demolish your spirit, to crumble your confidence to pieces. I have faced this bitter reality a lot more than my memory can possibly flash back at me. You have gone through that too. No matter how big or small. Small people belittle your ambition and make you believe that you are not worth all you are given credit for. But that is just a creation, a vision that they plant in their small and miserable minds. I never tag people as ‘ small’ or ‘evil’ but people reflect their real selves.People will try hard and will go beyond even their own limits to make you feel pain and regret. When people do that, simply take a sweet revenge…… learn from that moment of the past, collect those torn fragments and the stones thrown at you to build your future, to be an architect of your further life. To be more lucid, never let negativity and other people’s opinions and acts towards you make you fell deprived or melancholic. Work smarter towards your dreams, change them to reality and let the people who bring you down watch in awe. It might seem hard. It isn’t actually. When you know your direction , YOU can prove those people wrong and force them to hang their heads low.


Obviously, life is no fairytale. Believing in a happy journey is nothing more than hard. Easier said than done. Pretty obvious. But when you know what you are doing, care for what you do, are ready to work hard for it, there is nothing that you can’t do if you just have the determination to prove those people wrong. I wish you all very productive lives, lives that reflect perfect kinship of the mind, body and soul.


~ Saadia

Chase Your Dreams

Inspirational Art Print: Start Making Things Happen

‘To be better, you have to change and to be perfect, change often.’

Have you always wanted to run 4 miles? publish a book? revamp your house? plant flowers? start photography and things like that ? Have you ever tried to? Failed? It is totally okay. Fail better next time. Dust yourself off and get back on track and someday you’ll find the result you’d always desired. Stop waiting for the perfect moment for it will never come. Chase your dreams , let go of your comfort zone and live like there is no tomorrow. It may seem to be a distant phenomenon and yes it will take time, it will require determination, hard work and sweat but it will all be worth it in the end. If you take the desired change right now, you can create a brand new ending , a life that you’d imagined. 20 years from now you will remember this moment , either as a bitter or a sweet memory. All of your life depends on your decisions and choices. Take the choice that you will thank yourself for. Be the life coach of your own life. Go to new places, explore, dream and rejoice for life is too short to live for money and materialism. Instead, live your dreams, make them come true and never back down…
                                    ~ Saadia